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    The law of attraction at work.

    June 30, 2008

    I have been doing some freelance work for a client for the past 2 years. At first, it only took about an hour a day to do, but over the past few months, it has been taking much more time, sometimes two hours or more. For the amount of money that I was being paid for the work, I didn’t know if it was still worth doing. However, since the money covered a nice portion of my months bills, I didn’t want to stop working on the project. I could use the money, after all.

    Last week, I started working on a new project. This new project is for myself, and self-funded, so I was squeezing it into my “free” time. (what little free time I have) I remember thinking “wouldn’t it be great if I had more time for this project” and “if I didn’t have to work on my client’s project, or if it wasn’t chewing up so much of my time, I would have more time for my own project.” These were really strong thoughts that came up several times last week. But I reasoned to myself that this self-funded project wouldn’t be paying me any income, so it’s better if I keep working on my client’s project because I was getting paid for it.

    This morning, I saw an email in my inbox from my client. He said that he was going to handle the project that I was working on in-house in his office for awhile. I responded asking for clarification, and he told me to put a stop to the project. I told him that wasn’t a problem.

    I was kind of in shock. I didn’t see this coming at all.  He had just sent me some updates a week or so ago. This had come completely out of nowhere.  However, when I stopped to think about it, it was everything that I had been thinking of last week. I didn’t tell anyone about those thoughts and nobody knows about the new project that I’m working on. So while half of me is concerned about the loss of income, half of me is happy to have the time to spend on other, potentially better, projects. It’s just kind of freaky how it happened so fast. I was just thinking about this days ago, and now here it was being thrown upon me. I now have no choice in the matter but to work on my new project and make it a success.

    I guess it’s like the old saying goes “Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.”

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    One Response to “The law of attraction at work.”

    1. Evelyn Says:
      December 9th, 2011 at 2:50 pm

      About seven years ago, I was driving a white Jeep Cherokee (a 1990, I believe)that had problems with a 55 (mph) shimmy. My daughter won free tix to a Heart concert in Boston and asked me to go. I didn’t want to be on the subway at night, so she called for directions to the Fleet Pavilion so we could drive. She was getting frustrated because she kept getting the wrong number. Finally she slammed the phone down and after a few cuss words said “This lady gave me the number for the Boston Police!!” I stopped. “Did you write it down? . . . Give it to me” and I put the number in my pocket.

      As we drove to Boston, I inevitably hit 55 mph and the jeep started to shimmy. Aggravated, I just happened to see a blue Jeep Grand Cherokee glide past me. I yelled out “THAT’S what I want! I want one of those! One that doesn’t have anything wrong with it and no damn shimmy!”

      We got to Boston, went to the concert and got out about 11:00. After walking up and down the main street I had parked on, we realized that my jeep had been stolen! I pulled the paper with the number for the Boston police out of my pocket, and after the police report mess, etc., a nice officer put us on a bus home (RI). The next morning I set about getting a rental and started looking for a new vehicle. I got a local town paper and right away found a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I called and left a message. The guy called me back and said that the ad had been in the paper for two weeks and I was the first one to leave a message. The jeep sounded great and though I would need to take out an equity loan and that would take time, I told him I wanted to have my mechanic look at it. Come to find out, he knew my mechanic, who advised me, after looking at it, to buy the jeep. I asked the seller how much he wanted me to give him to hold it, and he said nothing, that he’d hold it for me. Long story short, it took almost a month for the loan to actually go through, and I didn’t meet the seller until the day I picked the jeep up. It ran like a dream and has given me no trouble, no major problems, and no shimmy for the past seven years.


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