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    Dime 39

    July 11, 2008

    Found – In the grass at a John Mellencamp concert

    I’ve been a fan of John Mellencamp since 1982 when I was in elementary school and “Hurts So Good” and “Jack And Diane” were all over pop radio. I had never seen him perform live before, and when I got an email several months ago that let me know about an upcoming tour, I was excited to get tickets.

    The day that tickets went on sale, I was disappointed to see that good seats were available, but they cost several hundred dollars each. Way more than I could really afford to spend. It seems that Ticketmaster’s new procedure is to price all tickets that are in good sections (on the floor, close to the stage) in what they call Hot Packages or VIP Packages or something like that, at prices way higher than the face value on the tickets. It’s basically a scam and a rip-off. Anyway, my intuition told me not to buy any tickets so I didn’t.

    Weeks went by and I got another email saying that tickets were now available for just $27 each. I logged on to take a look and the tickets were cheap alright, but they were way in the very back section of the venue. Call me spoiled, but once you’ve seen a concert, anyone’s concert, from within the first 10 rows, it’s next to impossible to go back to average seating and still enjoy the show. Once you’ve experienced amazing, it is hard to go back to just good. So although those tickets were alot cheaper, my intuition still said no. I wanted good seats. I wanted something in the first 10 rows. Hell, I wanted the front row if I could get it.

    The morning of the concert, I received another email. This one saying that tickets were still available. I logged on to see what they had and the first ones that came up were 17th row. Good, but my intuition told me to keep searching. For about 20 minutes, I kept pulling tickets. I kept getting the 17th row, or the 14th row, or the 20th row. It was always close, but not close enough. Then, all of a sudden, I pulled the 7th row. My intuition told me yes, that is the ticket to buy. And it was at face value.

    I bought the ticket and then called my friend who lives two hours south of the venue, I live an hour north of the venue, so we live about 3 hours away from each other. Mellencamp is her all time favorite performer so I called her to see if she was going or wanted to go to the show. There was no answer so I left several messages.

    She finally called me back in the afternoon because her phone was in her bag and she didn’t hear it ring. Yes, she was going to the show and she would meet me there. She had just purchased tickets that day herself from a different ticket website where she paid twice the face value for a front row seat. Without speaking to each other, we had purchased tickets in the same section, one right in front of the other, only 6 rows apart.

    I got to the venue before she did and waited around for her to arrive. The show was supposed to start at 7:30 but there was an opening act. I waited outside until 8pm when I decided to go inside so I wouldn’t miss any of the main act if my friend was super late. I walked through the entrance gates and security and up 5 flights of stairs to the back of the outdoor amphitheater. I stood there for a few seconds to take in the view and survey my surroundings. I realized that I needed to walk to the right and down the hill to get to the entrance near my section. I took three or four steps and just happened to look down where I saw this dime in the grass below my feet. I was completely shocked. It wasn’t in a walkway or anything.

    To make the rest of this long story short, it was one of those nights where everything that could go perfectly, did. I had the privilege of viewing this concert from the front row right next to my friend. I am still in awe of the perfection of everything. Hundreds or thousands of random variables over the course of several months had to play out just the right way for that to happen. I got the exact seat that I wanted, in the exact row that I wanted, at the exact price that I wanted. What are the freakin’ chances…

    After the show, when we were walking to the parking lot, both in complete disbelief of such an amazing evening, that 24 hours prior was nothing more than a wish, I told my friend “Maybe it’s because it’s lucky 7-11. That’s today’s date.” She said, “Don’t you know what else this day is?” “No” I replied, as I couldn’t think of anything. “This was my wedding anniversary.” She said. “I would have been married 15 years today if I didn’t just get divorced.”

    Maybe it was a present from the universe.

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