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    Dime 53

    November 20, 2008

    Found – in an empty candy box

    CVS was having a sale on batteries.  If you bought $20 worth of batteries, then they gave you $15 back in “Extra Bucks” which are good for anything in their entire store.   So you practically got the batteries for free.

    $20.00 is alot of batteries when they’re regular batteries, but I’ve been wanting rechargeable batteries for my laptop mouse and wii remotes, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to buy some cheap.  2 rechargeable batteries and a charger were $15.99.  4 rechargeable batteries were $14.99.  I bought $30 worth of batteries and charger for myself and got $15 back.  I used that $15 to buy another $20 worth of batteries and got $15 back.

    As I was on my way home, I decided that rechargeable batteries would also make a good Christmas present for my parents since they’re constantly putting new batteries in their wii remotes.  So I popped into another CVS to use the $15 to buy them $20 worth of batteries and get another $15 back. As I was making the transaction, the cashier was having problems scanning the coupon.  She had to call over a manager to manually enter the discount.  I decided to see what kind of candy or mints they had for sale while I was waiting, so I took a step back and looked down at the racks of candy below me.  There was an empty box in the middle of the gum section right in front of me.  Well, it wasn’t exactly empty.  I found this dime in it.

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