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    Dime 58

    December 6, 2008

    Found – on the way out of Harmon Drugs

    I found out that the reason why my skin is always so red, rough, and raw is the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate in my hand soap, bath soap, dish detergent, shampoo, and toothpaste.  Yes, the stuff is everywhere.  In about 90% of the products currently on the market.

    I used to have such beautiful and smooth hands.  Then for the past few years they’ve been red, dry, cracked, painful and irritated.  No matter how much hand cream and lotion I would put on them, nothing worked.  I knew it had something to do with washing them too much, so I tried to keep that to a minimum.  It didn’t help much.  Then I found out about SLS a few weeks ago and switched all of my hand soaps over to products without SLS in it.  I’m a huge fan of Avalon Organics.  Within days, my hands were so amazingly soft that I couldn’t stop touching them.  I’m sitting here right now feeling how soft my hands are.  lol.

    The skin on my face is always red and blotchy also so I decided to switch all of my facial products over to non-SLS products and have noticed a huge difference there too.  The skin on my face is so much smoother and less red and it’s only been about a week or so since I’ve made the switch.

    I was in Harmon’s today to buy more non-SLS products.  I wanted to try the Avalon Organics facial scrub and eye gel.  I also picked up the new 100% natural Chapstick since I’m also trying to avoid all mineral oil products and stuff with petrolatum in it.  (Who wants to rub petroleum (gasoline) products into their body?)  I was on my way out of the store, happy with my purchases, and digging around in the bag to look for my receipt to see how much money I just saved (over $9 with two coupons) as I looked down and found this dime.

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