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    Dime 80

    June 30, 2009

    Found – in the middle of the hallway exiting Pathmark

    I had an appointment to look at a house at 10am. I’ve totally outgrown the townhouse that I’m currently living in, and with real estate prices being as low as they are, think it would be a good time to upgrade to something larger. Unfortunately, the house that I looked at was too small for me. Most, if not all, of the rooms were smaller than my current rooms. I was a bit disappointed. I got done earlier than I had expected to.

    I was scheduled to pick up a client who was in town visiting from Europe at 11am. I was playing NYC tour guide and taking him to the Statue Of Liberty. I had about 15 or 20 minutes free before my scheduled pick-up so I drove around a bit and made some phone calls. I realized that I needed to use a bathroom since I had drank alot of water that morning and we might hit traffic on the way to the ferry. I knew there was a convenient public restroom in the supermarket in the shopping center I was near, so I drove there, parked, and went in. On my way out, as I entered the corridor to exit the store, I found this small round dime right in the middle of the shiny white tiled floor.

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