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    Dime 81

    July 9, 2009

    Found – in the parking lot at Trader Joe’s

    It was a perfectly beautiful sunny day and I did not feel like sitting in my office in front of my computer. I had several errands that I needed to run, so I figured I would take a few hours on a beautiful afternoon to run errands and work later into the evening. Thankfully, my schedule is flexible and allows me to do that.

    I was on my second or third errand when I pulled into the parking lot for Trader Joe’s. As I often do on beautiful days, I parked along the far empty end of the lot so I could get some exercise walking across the parking lot to and from the store.

    I did my shopping, purchased a few bags of groceries, and pushed my shopping cart across the lot and to my car. I have a mini SUV, so I opened the liftgate in the back to load my groceries. As I was doing so, I moved the shopping cart over to the side a bit to make sure the door didn’t hit it. That’s when I happened to look down and found this shiny dime on the ground right behind my car.

    What are the chances that with all of the parking spaces in that entire lot, I’m going to park in the one where I would find a dime right behind my car? Especially since the section of the lot that I parked in was totally empty.

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    One Response to “Dime 81”

    1. Sue Sloan Says:
      July 22nd, 2009 at 9:12 am

      I somehow stumbled on this website and can’t believe it! I have been finding dimes for at least nine years now and sure wish I had documented each of them. Each time there is a direct link to something that is going on in my life and I really believe it’s my guardian angel letting me know I am being looked after.


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