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    Dime 93

    September 26, 2009

    Found – on the floor at a salon

    I was getting my hair done. It had been over two months since the last time I had gotten my hair done. I have long hair, and I lighten it, so I was getting my roots touched up and also a trim.

    I sat in my hairstylist’s chair as she was applying the color to my roots, and when I’m sitting there, I really have nothing to do but look down at the floor in front of me since she usually has my hair combed forward and over my eyes as she’s working on the different segments. It was an empty tile floor in front of me.

    She moved me over to the empty chair next to her’s so I could wait the 20 minutes or so until I needed to go get rinsed. She gave another customer a trim as I was sitting there. Then my alarm rang, I went to get my hair rinsed out, and came back. I sat down in her chair since she had finished the other customer in the meanwhile. As I was getting comfortable in the chair, I looked down at the floor in front of me, and there was now a dime there. I picked it up, thinking it was very strange that I did not hear any coins drop. It was a hard tile floor, there were no blow dryers running, nor did anyone ever take out their wallets in the area since the desk was way up front in another room. Yes, it could have fallen out from somewhere while I was getting my hair rinsed, but what are the chances of that happening while I’m there and would be sitting in the chair to see it. Weird.

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