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    Dime 07

    November 9, 2007

    Dime 07Found – In the parking lot at the bank.

    I had a dream last night that my Grandfather was giving me quarters for Atlantic City, the same way that he used to do when he was alive. He knew I was going to Atlantic City tomorrow and as I was leaving his house, he gave me a bunch of quarters to take with me to gamble with.

    I woke up wondering what the dream meant. I am going to Atlantic City tomorrow. The Tropicana Casino gave me free tickets for Engelbert Humperdinck so I am taking my Grandmother there to see her favorite performer. I didn’t have much more time to think about it though because the power washer guy who is supposed to wash all of the spray paint off my driveway showed up at 8:45 am instead of 10 am which is what I was told the original time would be. Instead of getting dressed, ready and out the door in an hour, I had to rush and do that in 15 minutes.

    I live in a townhouse complex where all of our houses are attached and we share one large driveway. My neighbor was already calling my phone when I was headed out the door a little past 9 am. He and the power washer guy were standing near my car which had to be moved so the paint on the driveway below it could be washed away.

    I don’t appreciate being inconvenienced. If I hire someone to do a job and they tell me they will be there at 10 to do the job, I expect them to be there at 10 or to call in advance to let me know about the change in time. I have a very busy schedule that needs to be adjusted to accommodate them. So when I walked out of my door and saw them standing there waiting for me, I told the power washer guy “I thought you were supposed to be here at 10. Why are you here so early?” He told me that he was originally going to come at 8, but then he changed it to 9 because he realized that people sleep in the mornings. I told him that I had specifically been told 10 am. He had the nerve to tell me that I was wrong, that whoever told me 10 am was wrong. My neighbor said that he was told 10:30.

    It wouldn’t have been much of a big deal if it wasn’t the third day of rescheduling already. He originally was scheduled for Monday at 1pm which I went out of my way to accommodate, and then was told that he had to come back the next day because he didn’t have the necessary equipment to do the job. The next day it rained and I was told that he was rescheduling for 10 am on Friday. All of this for a job that I don’t even think needs to be done anyway. I never even knew that there was paint on the driveway until I was told that someone would be coming to clean it. Then I saw it afterwards. It had been there for months. All of the cars park over it, so you don’t see it unless the driveways are empty. Only someone without much to do or much to think about would worry about the paint on the driveway. It was my retired next door neighbors that were so disturbed by it that the entire complex had to be inconvenienced.

    I jumped in my car to go to the bank and run some errands so I could use my time as productively as possible. I pulled into the bank’s parking lot around 9:30. It was completely empty except for a few cars. I opened the door to get out of my car, looked down on the ground, and there was a shiny dime waiting for me.

    I picked it up and went into the bank to make my deposits. As I was coming out of the bank, and looking at the mostly empty parking lot, I thought to myself “What are the chances that I would park in the spot that I parked in so that I would have seen that dime when I got out of my car?”. I walked around all of the other parking spots that I could have potentially parked in and scanned the ground for coins. Nothing. There was only one coin in the parking lot, the dime that I found. It was a dime. Not a penny, nickel or quarter. I parked in the only spot where the operator of a vehicle would have seen the coin upon entering or exiting the vehicle.

    I could not help but wonder – was my Grandfather giving me this dime the same way that he had been giving me quarters in my dream last night?

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