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    Dime 11

    December 6, 2007

    Finding Dimes - Dime 11Found – Mall parking lot where it meets the sidewalk to the entrance

    I decided to wake up early today and take a ride up to the Palisades Mall to try to get some Christmas shopping done. I got to the mall about 10:15 am and spent the next two hours rushing from store to store trying to find the items on my list. Unfortunately, I ended up leaving empty handed and disappointed. None of the stores carried what I was looking for, or if they did carry it, it wasn’t a product that I liked, or I thought the price was too high. I ended up deciding to look elsewhere for everything.

    I had just walked out of one of the mall entrances and was busy bundling up in the cold as I hurried to get to my car. A car was driving by just as I was about to step off of the sidewalk onto the parking lot. It caused me to stop. As I stopped, I quickly looked down. I noticed something round on the pavement where the parking lot meets the sidewalk but I couldn’t really see it because of the glare of the sun. As I bent down to pick it up, I saw that it was a dime. I said “How funny” out loud as I picked it up. I didn’t realize I said that until some guy who was standing on the sidewalk about 10 feet away looked at me weird. I put the dime in my pocket and rushed to my car.

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