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    Dime 12

    December 21, 2007

    Dime 12Found – On the floor at the Christmas Tree Shop

    I was sitting on the edge of my bed yesterday morning putting on my socks. I heard a sound coming from my desk. It sounded like the noise a computer printer makes as it’s about to print something or when you just turn it on. Both my computer and my printer were on at the time and I immediately looked at them to see what could be making the noise, but none of the lights on the printer were flashing or blinking and there was no movement anywhere. I watched to see what was happening, but saw nothing. All I could think was “that’s weird.”

    Later that day I started working on recording some music. I was alone in my bedroom at that same desk where I had hooked up a USB microphone to the computer. I was having some difficulties with getting the recording right so I asked for help. I asked Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, to assist with removing whatever obstacles were keeping me from an adequate recording. I asked my spirit guides for their guidance. I even asked a few famous musicians who have crossed over for their help. It was about 8pm by the time I had a few takes that I was satisfied with. I recorded the tracks to a CD and jumped in my car to listen to them as I drove to the mall to try to finish some Christmas shopping. It was a few hours later when I was on my way home that I realized I might have caught an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). It was in the very beginning of a track, in the few seconds between the time I hit the record button and then began to play the guitar. It wasn’t easy to make out so I turned the volume way up. It sounded like muffled voices and then I could clearly make out “Okay, go.” Click here to listen. (I’ve tried to make it as loud as possible on this file, but you might have to turn up your volume also.) I was kinda freaked out by it. Out of all of the tracks, that was the one that I planned on using as the final version. That was the one where some strange voice was guiding me by telling me “ok, go.” After more than a year of making similar recordings with the same equipment, I had never heard anything like that on any of the previous recordings. I took it as a sign that I should indeed use that track and not the others.

    I woke up today and of course things seem a little different in the light of day. While last night I had been convinced of an EVP and spiritual guidance, this morning I was quite skeptical. As I sat on the edge of my bed getting dressed, I asked out loud for a validation. I said “if that really was an EVP, then I need some kind of sign. Send me a dime today. Let me know I’m not crazy. Send me a dime.”

    About a half hour later, I went downstairs and turned on my satellite radio. It was on Sirius Stars Channel 102 and Mary Occhino’s psychic show was on. Some woman was asking her a question about finding dimes. She said something like “Mary, I keep finding these dimes. I find them all over the place. What does that mean?” and Mary answered her that it was like dropping a dime. Someone was trying to communicate with her. The way that phone calls used to cost a dime. Someone was trying to make her aware that they wanted to communicate. I stood there frozen, just listening, not really believing what I was hearing. I mean, what are the chances that I’m going to turn on the radio, and there someone is asking about finding dimes! I then thought about what Mary had said about someone trying to communicate. Maybe someone is trying to communicate something to me. I wished I knew what it was.

    I ate a quick breakfast and then headed out the door once again. I was determined to finishing buying the last few Christmas presents that I needed to finish all of my Christmas shopping. I figured if I went out in the morning for a few hours, I would hit less traffic and crowds than if I went out later in the day and would be able to get it all done quicker. Speed was my goal since I still had to be at work today and finish everything before the weekend. My first stop was The Christmas Tree Shop for some boxes and gift bags and wrapping paper. I stood on a short line at the cashier and once she rang me up then I bolted with bags in hand towards my next destination. As I was hurrying out of the store, I just happened to look down and spot one of the shiniest dimes that I have ever seen. I picked it up in one quick motion without missing a step and put it in my pocket. As I walked downstairs to the next store, I realized that that was my validation. Someone is trying to communicate with me. That was an EVP on the recording. Someone is offering me guidance. It made me feel good to know that I am not alone even when I am physically alone.

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