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    October 4, 2007

    Whenever I have to do something creative, like setting up this blog for example, I find that I cannot force it. I cannot say, “OK, I’ve registered the name, I’ve downloaded the software, now I just have to sit down and set it up.” What a chore! I would be miserable the whole time. Instead, I have to wait for inspiration to strike me. When it does, then everything just flows and happens and I don’t really even know how or what is happening. Energy and information is flowing through me and I’m just letting it. The past 5 hours have felt like 5 minutes. I have been in what people refer to as “the flow”. When I sat down at my desk to work today, I just knew that it was time to move forward with setting up the blog. The website and software had been waiting here for days but I just didn’t feel like doing anything with them. Today, for some reason, something inside of me said, “Ok, do it now.” And I did. The header artwork, design and everything. Looking at it now, I can say, “Damn, it looks good. Nice job.” I’m glad that it’s done.  I’m eager to see how this story will unfold.

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