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    Dime 18, 19 and 20

    February 15, 2008

    Finding Dimes - 18 19 20Found – Parking lot of IGA, outside of the entrance to IGA, and in the entry aisle of IGA

    I had to go to DHL tonight to ship a package. They close at 8pm and I made it there about a half hour before they closed. It was dark and cold out and I was tired and totally drained from a long day that ended a long week. As I was taking the package out of the back of my car, the thought popped into my head that I hadn’t found a dime in awhile. Since there was no one in the parking lot to think I was crazy, I flippantly said out loud “I need to find a dime. Send me a dime if you hear me.” Then I just let it go. I figured that I sent my request out to the universe and if it was meant to be fulfilled, it would be.

    I walked inside, dropped the package off and got back in my car. It’s about a 15 minute drive home. When I was about 5 minutes away from my house, I had this overwhelming urge to go buy a bag of potato chips. Potato chips are my favorite comfort junk food. I usually don’t keep them in my house because I can easily sit down and eat the whole bag at once which is like 800 calories! Eeek! I am also allergic to wheat and corn, so you can imagine how restricted my diet is. There isn’t much junk food that I can safely eat at all. No pretzels, corn chips, nachos, cookies, cupcakes, most candies, most ice creams. I’m really limited. Even flavored potato chips all have some kind of chemical or flavoring that is corn or wheat derived. So it’s plain potato chips for me. Which I’m fine with because I love them. In fact, I’ve become quite a connoisseur.

    My #1 favorite potato chips are North Fork Potato Chips, but they come from a very small manufacturer on Long Island so they’re not widely distributed. Only the Whole Foods around here carries them. My #2 favorite potato chips are Cape Cod Potato Chips. They are very similar to the North Fork Chips, all natural ingredients and made in very small batches. They have a really firm crunch to them which I love. I love a good crunchy chip. My #3 favorite potato chips are Lay’s Potato Chips. Specifically, their low salt version in the light blue bag. But their regular version in the yellow bag is also good, although I find them too salty. Lay’s also doesn’t have the firm crunch that the previous mentioned brands have. They’re kind of soft as far as good chips go.

    Anyway, this potato chip craving came over me, and since it’s a Friday night and I’m not going out tonight since I have to be up early tomorrow morning, I decided to give into the craving. My first thought was to detour about a mile down the road and pop into 7-11 where I could get a bag of plain Lay’s. But then I remembered that there is a small IGA grocery store just a few stores away from the 7-11 and I figured that if I went there instead, I might find the light blue low salt Lay’s or maybe even some Cape Cod chips!

    I pulled into the parking lot which was half full of cars and loose shopping carts. I hate parking in supermarket parking lots because I’m always concerned about my car getting dented and scratched from people who are careless with their shopping carts and from people who park too close to you and hit your car with their car door while they are loading their car, etc. So I drove to the back of the lot and parked in the middle of a row of empty spaces along the back fence.

    I got out of my car and as I was walking around the back of it, I just happened to look down as I was adjusting my purse on my shoulder and there on the pavement was an old beat up dime. I picked it up thinking “Wow, that was fast. Someone must be listening.” I had just asked for a dime about 10 minutes before that.

    Then I decided to really push my luck and ask for a validation. As I was walking through the parking lot to the store (about 50 yards), there were quite a few people around getting into and out of their cars and loading their trunks, etc., so I talked like a ventriloquist since I needed to say the words out loud but I didn’t want anyone to see my lips moving. haha! I said “Ok, send me another one. Make it 2. I’ve never found 2 dimes on the same day before.”

    The next thing I know, I approach the entrance to the store and there in the doorway is a bright and shiny dime. I looked at it or a few seconds before I picked it up, trying to figure out what it was because I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was more than a little stunned by the swiftness of the validation. I took a few steps into the store and made a left into the narrow entry aisle, still in shock by the second dime. Since the weather had recently been very bad with snow and freezing rain, they had mats on the floor so that people didn’t slip while they walked. The mats were uneven and bunched up in areas and I was wearing very pointy boots, so I was looking down to make sure I didn’t trip on the mats. The next thing I saw was the third dime. I bent down to pick that one up and I was dizzy when I stood back up. Three dimes within a few minutes! What was going on? I was even more stunned.

    I walked around the small store like a zombie trying to find the potato chips. I was completely in shock. But at the same time, I was completely at peace. It was one of those rare moments in life when you feel without a doubt that you are connected to the universe and you are exactly where you are supposed to be. I bought a bag of Cape Cod Robust Russet (special edition which I had never seen before) Potato Chips.  I’ve sat here and happily crunched through about half of the bag as I’ve been writing this.  Let’s see, that’s …600 calories.  I better put this bag away now.

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